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Kinship Style: Open, Closed, or Shifting, Resources, Answering Adoption Questions, Adoption Language, Costs & Financial Help, Domestic Infant Adoption, Domestic Waiting Child Adoption, Grandparent Adoption, Interracial/Multicultural Adoption, Military Adoption, Older Child Adoption, Open Adoption, Outside the U.S., Relative Adoption, Religion, Spirituality and Adoption, Reviews - Books & Movies, Stepparent Adoption

Hoping to Adopt
A Relinquished Baby Reminisces, Anticipating a Home Study, Post-Adoption Depression Syndrome, Adoption - Taking Care of Yourself, Considering Adoption, Deciding on a Second Child, Divorce During Adoption, Every Child Deserves a Loving Family, Gay Adoption, Genetics Vs. Adoption, Getting Ready: A Few Suggestions, Handling the Holidays: For Those Still Waiting to Adopt, How to Make the Wait for Your Child Easier to Bear, I Am So Glad You Are My Son, Interview with a Prospective Adoptive Mom, My Two Girls, Nesting...It's Not Just for Pregnant Women Anymore, Observing Adoption Awareness Month, On Adoption, One, Providing Background Information to Adoptive Parents, Ratings Reality: Adoption as Entertainment, Rituals and Ceremonies in Celebration of Adoption, Second Thoughts, Someday, Tabitha's Dreams, Taking Charge, The Final Step, The Pressures of Infertility, Things Everyone Told Me, This is Our Story, This is Our Song!, Too Many Questions, Top Five Hot Buttons Not to Push!, United We Stand, Until the Real Thing Comes Along, We are All Storytellers, What It Takes to Be a Mom or Dad, What the Books Didn't Tell Us, Who and What to Tell, Who Gains What? What's the Profit?, Why We Don't Adopt Highways, Parents with Special Needs, Poetry, Adoption, Adoption Risks, Adoptive Breastfeeding, African American Adoptions, Avoiding Scams, Health, Education, Death/Grieving, Volunteerism, Success Stories, Research and Statistics, Laws & Legal Issues, Finding an Adoption Situation, Over 40 Adoption, Blended Families, Native American Adoption, Hispanic Adoption, How to Adopt, Home Study, Single Parent Adoption, Failed Placement, Resources and Information, Counseling, Naming the Child

Unplanned Pregnancy
The Adoption Option, Birthfathers, Counseling, Laws & Legal Issues, Research, Poetry, Birthmother, Pregnancy Info, Teenage Pregnancy

Adoptees, Birthparents & Search
Because There Were "Better Parents", Frozen Emotions, Grandparent Story, How To Forgive, Social Workers, Not Adoptive Parents, Should Provide Post-Adoption Support to Birthparents, Waiting for Amy, What We Wish We Had Known, Whose Needs Define What Is "Optimal" For An Adoption?, Search and Reunion, Birthmother's Day, Resources and Information, Laws & Legal Issues, Research and Statistics, Success Stories, Adult Adoptees, Birth Parents After Adoption, Reunions, Poetry, Counseling, Healing and Recovery, Joyful Heart

Adoptive Parenting
10 Tips After Your Older Child is Home, Adoptive Parents: Feelings of Guilt, First Mother's Day, Promises in Open Adoption, Not Just Like Me, I Am A Real Mother, Getting Real, Entitlement vs. Ownership, Planning Your Baby's Nursery, Pressing Close and Pushing Away: The Dance of Ambivalence in Adoption Relationships, Promoting Attachment through the Senses, Supporting Loving Families: After the Adoption, Telling Your Child's Adoption Story, The Announcement, Post-adoption, Siblings, Talking to Kids About Adoption

Foster Parent Adoption
Becoming Social Worker Savvy, When I Was Your Age..., A Parent's Perspective, The Children I Have Loved, Community Involvement, The Important Experience, It's for You for Mother's Day, Children Know..., "Strangers", Cody's Heart, A Safe Place, Changing One Little Life, The Art of Distraction, Think Small, Vacations, What is Perfect Parenting?, What About Me?, Thoughts on Stealing, Who Deserves the Blame?, Bedtime, Honeymoon Period, After The Honeymoon, What Did I Do With That Sticky Note?, Memories of My Childs Creative Genius, Weapons, Prime Time Family, Get A Life, Actions Speak Louder Than Words?, Permanency is New Placement Model, Positive Behavior Support and Functional Assessment, What About School?, Main Factor Inhibiting Foster Child Adoption, Missouri Foster Care System, We'd Do It Again!, Corn Pie, Did We Know How to Parent Before Labels?, Hanging in There for the Long Haul, How to Make This A Successful School Year, Learning on the Job, The Gift We Are Given, The Gifts, The Many Hats We Wear, Yippee! Kids Go Back to School, Developmental Re-Parenting, On Getting Real, Every Child Deserves A Home, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Foster Care, Maybe This Christmas Will Be Different, 10 Tips to Kickstart Your Self Esteem!, All I Want for Christmas Is My Son Back, Foster Families and Agencies Respond, The Waiting List, Special Parents for Special Children, I Am Considering Adopting A Child from Foster Care. Where Do I Start?, What is Foster Care?, Speak Out - Foster Care, Foster Adoption, Foster Parenting, Research and Statistics, Success Stories, Resources and Information, Kinship Care, False Allegations, Family Reunifications, Laws & Legal Issues, Poetry, Orphanages, Termination of Parental Rights, Permanency Planning, Child Abuse and Neglect, Political Influences, Guardianship, Disruption-Dissolution

International Adoption
Adopting Overseas: One Family's Story, Books on International Adoption, My Family, Passports Applying for Your U.S. Passport, Adopting Children from Areas of Crisis or Disaster, A Better Life, A Maze of Paperwork: An American Passport for My Daughter, Asian Children Growing Up Adopted, Compiling A Dossier, Domestic vs. International Adoption, How Do I Apply to Bring a Foreign-Born Orphan to the United States?, How Many US Children Are Being Placed for Adoption in Foreign Countries?, I am a Resident of a Foreign Country, Living in the US. Can I Adopt?, International Adoption, International Adoption, International Adoption: Getting Started, International Adoption: U.S. Proof of Citizenship, International Adoptions, International Adoptions and Adoption Subsidies, International Adoption and Language Development, Introduction to International Adoption, Invisible But Real: Birth Parents in International Adoption, Q & A: Requirements for the New Affidavit of Support, Selecting An Agency For International Adoption, The Importance of Connecting with Our Culture, The New Child Citizenship Act of 2000, The Top Ten List of Things to Do While Waiting in the International Adoption, The Velveteen Mother, They Too Are Chosen, Top 21 Sending Countries for FY 1999, You're Going to What?, Laws & Legal Issues, Research and Statistics, Success Stories, Poetry, Resources and Information, Health Issues, Countries, International Adoption Travel

U.S. Adoptions
Navigating Adoption and Your State Resources, Why the Federal Government Must Regulate Adoption, States

Special Needs Adoption
A Family for Every Child: Adopting a Down Syndrome Child, Adopting A 'High-Risk' Child, Adopting a Child with Special Needs, Adopting an International Child with Special Needs, Adopting Children with Developmental Disabilities, Adopting Isaac, Adopting Our Girl, Adoption: A Myriad of Options, Being Different, Can I Adopt A Child with Disabilities?, Definition of Special Needs, New Adoption Tax Credit Signed into Law, Policy and Practice Issues for Adoption and Foster Care of HIV-Infected Children, Subsidized Adoption: A source of help for Children with Special Needs and Their Families, The Adoption Process, Disabled Children, Drug Babies/Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Other special needs, Neglect, Research and Statistics, Success Stories, Laws & Legal Isues, Attachment and Bonding, Abuse

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For Adoption Professionals
Adoption and Adoptive Families: A Bibliography, Lifelong Issues in Adoption, Clinical Perspective: Psychoeducation for Pre-adoptive Families, How Can I Become an Adoption Consultant?, How to target recruitment toward minority adoptive and foster families that mirror the population of, Observing Adoption Awareness Month, Resources on Individualized and Targeted Recruitment for Adoption, The Adoption Worker's Essential Bookshelf, Laws & Legal Issues, Research and Statistics, Education, Resources and Information

Parenting and Families
Dads are Powerful - Presidents Remarks on Fatherhood, Fatherhood, A Gripe Box, A History of Meeting Needs, A Mother's Beatitudes, A Wonderful Mother, Acceptance, Accidents & Keeping Safe, ACF Announces Four New Projects to Study Healthy Marriage, ACF Approves Child Support Demonstration in Virginia, All Families are Not Created Equally, All You Need to Know about Birthday Parties, American Women Waiting to Begin Families, Are You Headed in the Right Direction?, Assessing Your Preschooler's Development, Mothers Destroying Their Children, Bedtime Woes: Coping with Children's Sleep Disorders, Bedwetting, Bridging Generations, Building a Strong Parent/School Relationship, Calling the Police, Can Your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test?, Caring For A Sick Child, Caring for Your Children, Child Adjustment to New Family Arrangement, Child Behavior in Adult Company, Child is Perfectionist, Child Support Effectiveness Cited By OMB, Child, Adolescent & Family, Child-Rearing Disagreements, Children of Alcoholics, Collaborations: Building Bonds between Fathers & Daughters, Coping with Trauma, Corporate Awareness of Domestic Violence, Daughter is Boy Crazy, Dealing With Dirty Little Mouths, Dealing with Tantrums, Decisions, Decisions, Different Trip to the Same Place, Discovering Interests and Talents Through Summer Experiences, Does Your Teen Know the Difference Between a Problem and a Tragedy?, Dying for Drugs, Easter Reminds Us Our World Needs Renewing Also, Every Child Needs a Champion, Fact Sheet - Refugee Assistance Program, Fact Sheet ; The Magnitude of Maternal Morbidity During Labor and Delivery, Family First, Family Trees -- an editorial, Father's Day, Fathers:, FY 1998 State Spending Under the New Welfare Program, Get Your Toddler to Cooperate!, Getting Your Baby To Sleep, Gimmee!, Going Back to Work: Milk supply?, Growing Your Business Is A Bit Like Parenting, Health Tips, Helping Children Cope with Violence, HHS Launches "Be Their Dad" Parental Responsibility Campaign, HHS Releases 2002 National Statistics on Child Abuse and Neglect, HHS Synthesis Report Confirms That Increases in Parental Employment are not Harmful to Children, How To Be A Friend To Children And Youth, Instant Family? A Case Against Artifical Twinning, Kinship: Ties That Bind, Lament of a College Graduate, Life on the Run, Life on the Streets, Media Boundaries, Mi Familia, Middle Years: Grieving Losses and Fitting In, Moms Have Dreams Too!, Monitoring TV Time, Mother and Daughter Argue, New CDC Report Shows Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low, New Paternity Numbers Show Growth in Responsible Fatherhood, New Report Sheds Light on Trends and Patterns in Marriage, Divorce, and Cohabitation, New Research Explores Multiple Placements And Criminal Behavior, Overreactions, Parent Talk: Positive Options, Parent Tips: Set 1-Time Out!, Parent Tips: Set 3-The Messy Bedroom, Parent Tips: Set 3-The Power of Choice, Parental Guidelines for Helping Children Cope with Loss, President Clinton Callsfor Child Care That Strengthens America's Families, Principles of Family Support, Responsible Fatherhood Programs Yield Promising Results, Second Look at Cloth Diapering, Self-Injury in Adolescents, Seven Golden Tactics for Parents, Sibling Collaboration, Some Questions To Ask Yourself About Grandparenting, Specific Techniques to Increase Family Attachment, Statement by Secretary Donna E. Shalala on the Newest Study of How Quality Child Care Promotes Bette, Statement of Donna E. Shalala On the Child Care Improvement Act of 1999, Suggestions for Nurturing Your Child's Mental Health, Talking to your Kids About Sex, Teaching Preschoolers Through Cooking, The GrandFamilies House: A Home for Parenting Grandparents and Their Grandchildren, The Joy of Play, The Number One Rule for all Parents, There's No Such Thing As A Difficult Situation, Things I Did Right With My Daughter!, Things I Did Wrong!, Tips for Preparing and Staying Connected with Children at Home, Tips on Creating a Peaceful Family Holiday, To be Young and Gay in America, Twenty- Three Tips on Raising The Kind of Child You May Not Want to Live With, U.S. Pregnancy Rate Down from Peak; Births and Abortions on the Decline, Waiting Room Boredom Remedies, What Kind of Father Will I Be?, What Makes A Mother?, What Makes A Mother?, What Our Words and Actions are Really Telling Our Children, What to Do When Your Child Is Being Bullied by Another Child, What to Do When Your Teen Is Disrespectful, What to Expect When You Adopt An Older Child, What Your Children Need to Know About AIDS, When Angels Fear to Tread, When Beauty becomes the Beast, When Older Children Stay Home, When Your Child Suffers from Low Self Esteem, Whose Bed Is it Anyway?, Why Children May Not Want To Talk About Adoption, Why Potty Training should be spelt R E L A X, Why Use Cloth Diapers?, Woman to Woman, Womb Mates: When Sibling Rights & Child-Parent Attachment Clash, Working as a Family, Working at Family, Worried About Child Development, Society/Social Issues, Education, Birth Rates, Mental and Emotional Health, Puberty, Personal Safety, Ages and Stages, Internet and technology, Budgeting, Employment, Financial Stability, Family Organization and Planning, Social Security and Other Benefits, Parenting Girls, Parenting Boys, Adolescents, Relationships, Parenting Children, Media, Hygiene and Grooming, Fitness and Exercise, Children's Health, Fertility, Women's Health, Environment, Youth Development, Family Preservation, Disease Prevention, Health Care, Consumer Information, Rebirthing, Lifebooks/Scrapbooks, Abuse, Neglect, Children's Rights, Child Support, Job Training and Education, Social Pressure, Stereotypes and Norms, Accident and Injury, Surgery, Welfare/Assistance, Ethics, Healthy Lifestyles, Choices and Decisions, Immunizations, Health Risks, Medical Professionals, Children, Infants, Newborns, Government Data, Health Trends, Teenagers, Young Adults, Government Programs, Public Health, Retirement, Men's Health, Community Service, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Relief, Homeland Security, Cooking, Gardening, Disease and Illness, Mothers, Fathers, Parents, Families, Health Information, Medication/Medicine/Treatments, Obesity/Weight/Weight Loss, Insurance/Health Care Costs, Genetics, Parenting Infants, Gifted Children, Parent Groups, Emotional Dilemmas, Fun and Entertainment, Childhood Learning and Education, Research and Statistics, Poetry, Social Skills, Discipline, Stress Management/Relaxation, Substance Abuse, Child Development, Resources and Information, Success Stories, Cultural Diversity and Racism, Death/Grieving, Extended Family, Health, Organizational Skills, Depression, Eating Disorders, Grandparents as Parents, Joyful Heart, Parenting Skills, Traditions, Laws & Legal Issues, Breastfeeding, Holiday Ideas, Child Care, Marriage/Relationship, Teaching and Training Children, Nutrition, Diet, Food, Housekeeping, Sibling Relationships, Laughter and Humor, Divorce, Community-based Initiatives, Domestic Violence, Communication, Juvenile Justice, Multi-generational Interaction, Mentoring, Homelessness, Parenting At-Risk Youth, Alternative Lifestyles, Community Interaction, Prevention Programs, Elderly, Adult Literacy, Birth Defects, High Risk Pregnancy, Health and Safety, Faith-based Initiatives, Violence and Violence Intervention, Juvenile Crime, Parenting Teenagers, Child Safety, Sex Education, Single Parent, Self-esteem, Addictions, Parenting Toddlers, Transracial and Transcultural Families, Goals, Crisis Intervention, Step Families, Grief and Loss, Working Mothers, Counseling, Human Growth and Development, Therapy and Counseling, Education, Natural Disasters, Suicide and Suicide Prevention

Health and Medicine
National Center for Health Statistics Monitoring Health Care in America, Improving Patient Safety and Preventing Medical Errors, HHS Efforts to Promote Mental Health, Protecting the Health of Minority Communities, HHS Promotes Health Through Physical Activity, Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Programs at HHS, Protecting the Privacy of Patients' Health Information, HHS Programs to Protect and Enhance Rural Health, CDC Issues Recommendations Designed to Prevent Hepatitis Infections in Correctional Settings, Mental and Emotional Health, physical activity

Child & Family Welfare System
Child Protective Services, The First Lady on Child Welfare, Promising Practices: Addressing Racial Disproportionality in Child Welfare, Child Welfare, Laws and Legal Issues, Child Welfare, Child Welfare Law and Practice

Famous People
A-Z Index, Indexes

Adoptive Parent Biographies, Birth Parent Biographies, Adoptee Biographies

Adoption Statistics
Overview, Numbers & Trends, Birth Family Search, Cost of Adopting, Disruption & Dissolution, Drug Exposure, Filing Trends 1988-1997, Filings per Year 1985-1995, Finalized Foster Adoptions, Foster Care 1999, Foster Care Statistics, Hoping to Adopt, Infertility & Impaired Fecundity, International - Intercountry, Open Adoptions, Placing Children, Single Parents, Transracial Adoption

Adoption Laws
Review of State Statutes, State Laws (full text), Summaries of State Laws, Federal Laws

Adoption Glossary


Adoption News


Adoption Poetry

Parenting Books, Anthologies, Children's Books, Classics for Young Readers, Coffee Table Books, Family Bonding Books, How to Adopt Books, Memoirs, Mysteries with Adoption Themes, Parents' Stories, Research & Reference Books, Search & Reunion Books, Teen and Young Adult Books

Foster Care, Acronyms, e-Magazine, Forums & Chat, Library, Pregnancy & Placing, Post-Adoption, Technical Issues, Adopting, General Topics, Search & Reunion, Reunion Registry,, Adoptee Issues, Advertising

Lullaby Library
As You Sleep, Before I Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep, Sing-a-Longs, To The Crying Child

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